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Briefly captured, our matter of expertise is everything that has somewhat to do with liability and insurance law in the broadest sense of the word.

A summary gives a clearer picture of what this is all about:
  • non-contractual liability of individuals and companies because of an alleged error or carelessness;
  • neighbor nuisance;
  •  liability for servants, and agents, etc.;
  •  liability for items (defective items, product liability,...);
  •  liability of parents for their minor children;
  •  liability of minors;
  •  liability of schools and teachers;
  •  liability of volunteers;
  •  liability for animals;
  •  liability of the intellectually disabled;
  •  medical liability (liability of hospitals, doctors, specialists, pharmacists,...);
  •  liability of the lessor and lessee;
  •  liability of the professional seller;
  •  objective liability for fire and explosion;
  •  government liability;
  •  construction law (liability of architects, contractors, safety coordinators, promoters,...);
  •  traffic law;
  •  transport law (national and international);
  •  damage assessments concerning goods (vehicle damage, fire damage, water damage, storm damage, damaged art,...);
  •  assessment of bodily injury;
  •  policy disputes;
  • ...

In addition, a special mention should be made of international law as a discipline:
  •  witness / specialist of Belgian law in foreign courts;
  •  assistance and advice in the handling of claims under foreign law;
  •  assistance and advice in the handling of claims under Belgian law in foreign courts;
  • ...

Finally, we are also skilled in criminal law (criminal defense and civil parties), labor accident law, tenancy, parentage issues, family law and debt collection.